Putting the Heart in Communication

Nonviolent Communication certified trainer and mediator

Communication is something we do all the time: with family, at work, at school, and in our social lives. Communication is also with ourselves, the inner dialogue we have throughout the day. It includes the way we listen to others and how we interpret what we hear. Most of our communication is infused with judgments about other people and ourselves. These judgments prevent us from seeing the beauty in ourselves and others and instead lead to distance and pain.

 Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offers life-changing insights into how we communicate  and presents concrete ways to implement these insights to create a way of communicating that brings clarity, connection and compassion. By putting the heart in communication, you can create the relationships you wish for, at home, work, school and with yourself!


  • Develop inner clarity so that you can communicate with balance and ease.
  • Remain open while hearing other people’s challenging messages.
  • Learn to express yourself honestly while maintaining connection.

Cordelia taught from the heart and connected to a large variety of situations, demonstrating very clearly how universal NVC is. She picks the underlying issues up very quickly and consistently leads participants through exercises and real-life situations.

Danielle Foolen, CFO Student Experience

About Cordelia

I have been learning and practicing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) since 2010. NVC is the most powerful tool I know for creating ease and harmony with those around me. It is also the most powerful tool I know for mediating conflicts and creating peace. It is a life-long project for me to learn and embody this language of the heart and to share it across business sectors, schools, and in families around the world.

About NVC

Learning Nonviolent Communication is like learning a new language– a new language that puts the heart in communication and leads to more clarity, connection, and compassion in our lives.

Learning this new language profoundly changes the way we relate to the people around us, whether it is in business, school or our personal relationships.

Democratic School Amsterdam

The democratic School LIFE! (Learning in A Free Environment) was founded in 2015 and has now merged with the Guus Kieft School, another democratic school in the Amsterdam area. The new school is located in the former museum of The Molen van Sloten in Amsterdam

The school is both primary and secondary school in one and incorporates Nonviolent Communication and sociocracy as important tools for relating to each other as equals and upholds the values of understanding, respect and mutuality in a community of learners ranging from ages 4 to 21.


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